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About Network N

Experts in discovery, targeting and engagement.

Our work: We’re a fast-growing media business focusing on gamers, gear and esports, reaching over 100m+ unique users per month across our network of websites.

Our vision: Create better channels to target gamers globally across owned media and partners.

Our portfolio: Our network of over 180+ owned and operated and partner sites reaches massive gaming audiences with high intent.

Our publishers: We hand pick the best gaming sites in the world to help them run better, more gaming-focused ads.

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What makes us different?

Leaders in the game advertising industry.

Insight: The Network N team are game experts with over 200 years experience in games and media.

Independence: We’re a self-funded company – we only answer to our team, publishers and advertisers.

International: We have a singular global outlook – one conversation delivers the world.

Integration: We take a multi-channel approach, combining the best of advertising, content and distribution.

Intent: Our content helps users make decisions and get more from their games and gear.

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We help advertisers reach the right audience with the right message.

Scale: Publisher Collective reach over 100m+  users and see over 6bn ad impressions per month.

Targeting: Contextual segments, rich data and market insight help find relevant, geo-targeted audiences.

Display: High-impact takeovers, video and standard IAB formats, via programmatic or direct delivery.

Branded content: In-house facilities to produce native editorial and video with exclusive channels for distribution.

Trusted: We focus on service, delivery and reporting. We get results while working within IAB and GDPR guidelines.

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We help publishers make more money with higher value advertising.

Collaborative: Publisher Collective hand-picks their partners, looking for honesty, commitment and passion.

Market Expertise: Selling premium advertising to games, gear and movie clients.

Technical Expertise: Advising on ad placement and affiliates, and running their own programmatic stack and header bidder.

Relevant: Respecting publishers and their audiences, avoiding intrusive, aggressive and irrelevant campaigns.

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Our Agency

We work with companies to create compelling and engaging content.

Brand perception: We help companies elevate and enhance their brand across existing and new markets.

Best-in-class content: Our team of experts create leading editorial, video and social media content to generate engagement and results.

Video production: We have an in-house team who produce bespoke, high-quality video for your business and campaigns.

Social media expertise: We’re experienced in delivering the best social media content, and targeting audiences through social advertising campaigns to ensure results.

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Telephone: (+44) 01225 531631

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